29 Oct 2020

COVID Risk Assessment for Snails

CHEW VALLEY SNAILS Risk Assessment: Social Runs



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Karen Cross

Chew Valley area

2020.11.20 or if changes to government guidance/rules occur

It is the responsibility of each Snail and Run Leader to make an assessment of their own suitability to run based on the latest Covid advice, their own health and the local environment. Social distancing will be maintained as per government guidance for the Chew Valley area.

Risk rating: L – low risk, M - medium risk, H - high risk


What are the Hazards?

Who might be harmed and how?

What is already in place?

Risk Rating

Considerations for mitigation


Resultant Risk Rating


Action by whom

Lack of awareness of Covid 19 regulations


Runners, Run leaders, general public

Be clear that runners should not attend if symptomatic, living in a household with someone who has possible/ confirmed Covid 19, or if they should be isolating for any reason e.g. returning from abroad. Also do not attend if recently travelled to the Chew Valley from a Tier 3 area



Regularly communicate with club members and provide updates following any changes to relevant government guidance, regulations or legal requirements


Run Leaders, Snail chairperson

Increased risk of catching Covid 19

Any Snails in the higher risk groups

Medical guidance given to high risk groups


Private conversations to determine if safe to run, as a club we recommend anyone “clinically extremely vulnerable” does not attend


Run leader, Snail chairperson


Travel to/from and arriving at Social Runs

Runners, Run Leader, the general  public

Advise travel in separate household groups, arrive by own individual transport, walk, cycle or run to/from activity. Avoid/minimise use of public transport and car sharing



Carry/use face mask where deemed appropriate and start locations should avoid busy public spaces and enable safe parking for required number of vehicles


Run Leader and runners

More than the accepted number of Snails turn up


Runners including Run Leader,  and general public

Runners must book onto the run via RunTogether, maximum 6 per Social Run, including run leader, but can be less at discretion of Run Leader, and with max number posted on RunTogether





Inform anyone not booked in for the Social Run that they are unable to join the activity.  All RunTogether runs must be led by LiRF who have read and understood this Risk Assessment






Run Leaders

Airborne virus transmission 

Snails get too close to each other:

Runners, their family, housemates and Run Leaders

Running in open air environments.

Provided advice & procedure on social distancing to runners beforehand


Increase advice on procedures e.g. not congregating by cars before or after running, don’t bunch at kissing gates, review venues and revise if necessary



Run Leader and runners

Airborne virus transmission;

getting too close to members of public


Runners and public

Running in open air.

Prior session advice on safe running and always  “give way” to the public, adhere to the 2m distance rule, wait for pedestrians, run in single file if necessary, re-group in wider more open areas



Change time / location of sessions in future if necessary. Use wide open spaces, avoid busy paths and long narrow stretches where 2m distancing is difficult. If 2m distance not possible, minimize time in this type of area and avoid face to face positioning.




Run Leader and runners

Transmission of Covid 19  by contact with disease on a surface


Runners, Run leaders, general public

Inform of need for rigorous hygiene before, during and after the run


Reiterate need to bring hand sanitiser and use frequently  e.g. after touching car park machine, kissing gate.  Don’t share items e.g. water bottles. Remind to avoid touching face.




Run Leader and runners

Conventional non-Covid 19 hazards: Runners  injuring themselves and requiring first aid



Runners including Run Leader

Run Leaders all trained LiRF. Ask about known conditions. Runs and routes to be suitable to level of the group. Warn runners about any hazards, e.g. tree roots, ice, dehydration, narrow lanes with vehicles.


Carry a mobile phone, Run Leaders have emergency contact numbers, and  carry appropriate first aid kit including disposable gloves and clean face mask. Be ultra conscientious regarding hygiene before and afterwards, e.g. hand sanitizing, disposing of wipes


Run Leader

Payment procedures


New members and Run Leaders

Inform  that wherever possible membership fees to be paid via BACS not cash



If given cash ask new member to place cash in Run Leader’s car boot. Run Leader to leave the cash untouched for a week but inform treasurer of payment. After sufficient time has elapsed cash can be handed over to treasurer to pay into Snail Bank account




Run Leader, Snail treasurer



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