21 Oct 2017

October Update

Oxford Half Marathon and 1-mile TT Results

Well done to everyone that took part in the Oxford Half Marathon 2 weeks ago.  It seemed well organised event and was a fantastic day for the Far Runners.  The results are available on the Virgin Sport website, but the Far Runners achievements are: Andy Tate 1:38:13, Cathy Lloyd 1:39.35, Jon Durant 1:49:11, Jonathan Puddifoot 1:49:34, Rob Taylor 1:53:09, Ian Mason 1:54:41, Lisa Redman 1:56:33, Katy Moore 1:58:07, Linda Woodward 2:00:35, Emma Taylor 2:00:46, Beth Goulding 2:01:39, Carrie Cleary 2:02:00, Rachel Rains 2:17:49.  An amazing set of results all round and many PBs too.  If anyone fancies another HM then entries are open for the White Horse Half in April 2018.

Our quarterly 1-mile time trial results are also available here.

New Run Leader

Congratulations to Andy Tate who has now qualified as a Run Leader following the completion of a Leadership in Running Fitness (LiRF) course.  Andy and Emma will be run leading the majority of the run sessions whilst Jon and Rachel adjust to the new additions in their respective families that are due imminently.

Winter Running

The Dark Route best attendance leaderboard is starting to shape up, so make sure you keep coming out to see if you can get the best attendance on Tuesday, Thursday or overall by March when the clocks change.  Beth Goulding and Don O'Sullivan are currently top with 5 out of 6 runs so far.


If you've expressed an interest in a club technical t-shirt you should have an email with sizing and payment details.  Please let us know your size and send in a payment by 1st November when we will place the order. Anyone who hasn't paid or specified their required size by then will not get a t-shirt. Anyone else who is interested then let us know asap and we'll add you to the list and send you the details.


We're doing something that doesn't involve running, lycra, or any form of sports or active wear!  Please join us on Friday 10th November in The Bell Hotel in town for a social event and a drink or two.  Further details on our Facebook page where you can RSVP as well.

One final thing is a another for your diary, Christmas Eve - yes I mentioned the 'C' word and it's only October, sorry - our normal Sunday run on 24th December will be a short 5K 'Santa Hat' run, so bring the family along for a pre-Christmas lunch workout!

See you out running soon,

Jon, Rachel, Emma, and Andy

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