Kate Marshall

I took up running in my 40s, having hated running at school and avoided any sporting activity for most of my adult life! I was overweight and very inactive, and I wanted to improve my health and be a positive role-model for my kids. I started running via a couch to 5k programme and was amazed to discover that yes, even I could be a runner! I loved running but spent a lot of time running alone and so looked for social opportunities to run with others. Shortly after taking up running, I became an avid member of the parkrun community, as a runner and regular volunteer, and more recently as a Run Director for my local 5k event and Co-Event Director of a newly established junior parkrun. I love the social aspect of parkrun and joined Grantham Running Club in 2018 to find like-minded people to train with. I regularly represent the club in a variety of races, enjoying road running, trail running and cross country and competing in a wide range of races including 5k, 10k, 10 mile and half marathon, and more unusual events such as a 17 mile cross country race and 24 hour endurance events. Within a few years I have gone from someone who literally couldn't run to the end of my road, to training for my first marathon in 2020. It is fair to say that I LOVE running, and I enjoy motivating others to develop a love of running too. Keen to embrace opportunities to support others on their running journey, I undertook my Leader in Running Fitness qualification and now regularly lead group runs with Grantham Running Club. When an opportunities arose to get involved with the Club's beginners programme, I leapt at the chance, and now serve as Coordinator of the beginners programmes and represent the Beginners Group on the Club Committee . I'm committed to supporting others to achieve their personal running goals.

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