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Hello and welcome to Hauxton Runners, we are a friendly mixed ability & mixed gender running group who like to get together to meet up and and support all  runners.

We run on a Thursday  evening at 7.15pm with 2 sessions available: 

We run a 12 week beginners COUCH 2 5 K program designed for beginners, returning after injury and returning after a period of time.

We also run a steady run, for those that have competed C25K and those that wish to meet up socially and run in a group - this group will run diffrent distances and terrain over the weeks. We are a friendly group, all paces welcome.

Minimum age from 16 years.


Please contact: marlee.rabble@gmail.com for any questions

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Marlee Beasley - Group Leader

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Meet at the Green at the top of The Lane