Knowle & Dorridge Running Club COVID Secure Bookings

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Welcome to the Knowle and Dorridge Running Club COVID Secure booking system.

This system is for paid up members only, and is not open to the public.  We are allowing trial runs again, if you're thinking of joining, email for more details.

Official club runs must be pre-booked, and will take place at 19:30 on Wednesdays, meeting (at a social distance) in the car park at Dorridge Village Hall, Grange Rd, Dorridge, B93 8QA.  From 2nd December 2020, all runs will meet here.

For Mondays, we have decided to move to Sainsbury's Car Park, Dorridge.  We thought you'd appreciate less of a slog back, after a hard session!

Monday sessions will be a mixture of intervals, hill work, drills etc. For those wishing to work on pace and running form. They are suitable for all runners, regardless of experience or pace.

Wednesday sessions will follow the training plan.

 Please feel free to run with whichever group suits how you feel each week. If you fancy an easier run, that's absolutely fine, but please do not run any faster than the run leader, even if the pace feels a little too slow for you.

If a licensed run leader for your group is not available on a particular Monday or Wednesday, you will not see a link below.  

For any official or unofficial runs, please DO NOT run in your green and gold K&D top. Only run leaders will be running in green and gold, so they are clearly identifiable.

Before joining an official club run, particpants must:

- read and agree to adhere to our COVID19 risk assessment

- complete the NEW individual self-assessment form to declare fitness to run, in a COVID capacity -this only needs to be completed once, unless your circumstances change

- listen to the pre-run briefing given by the run leader and follow all instructions given during the run

- ensure social distancing is maintained at all times, within the run group and with members of the public

Check out the links below to our club runs for this week.


Group 1 <7min/mile  NO LEADER AVAILABLE

Group 2 7-7.30 min/mile NO LEADER AVAILABLE

 Group 3  7.30-8min/mile

 Group 4 8-8.30 min/mile

Group 5 8.30-9 min/mile

Group 6.1 9-9.15min/mile

Group 6.2 9.15-9.30 min/mile

Group 7 9-30-10.30min/mile

.Group 8 >10min/mile 


Monday Interval Training


Runners 9 minute mile and under select  Group A

Runners over 9 minute mile select  Group B


Injured runners

Our runs are not in the public domain, so the Our Runs link below and at the top of the page will not work, use the links above to access the session bookings.


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A (Amanda) Crees - Group Leader

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St. Phillips Church Hall, Dorridge

Sainsburys Car Park, Dorridge

Car Park, Dorridge Village Hall

Car Park, Downing Close

Car Park, Knowle Park, Lodge Rd

Downing Close