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Taking you from 0 to 5k and beyond

  • 0-5k beginners’ group
  • 5k+ improvers’ group
  • Circuit training session

Like the idea of running but find it all a bit, well, painful? It doesn’t have to be. It can be fun and it can be something you can do. Even if you struggle running for the tube, I’ll help you run 5k and more.

Running is more fun if you do it with other people. People who don’t care if you’re sweaty and red-faced or how slow you’re going. Because they’re just the same as you.

Runs are led by me Laura Fountain aka ‘Lazy Girl Running’. I’m a UK Athletics qualified running coach and Level 3 Personal Trainer. I love running and have run 16 marathons, but just a few years ago I couldn’t even run 400 meters.

I have friendly, women-only 0-5k groups for complete beginners and a Improvers groups for those who want to run a bit further and work on getting faster.

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Kim Butler - Group Leader

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Finsbury Park

Hampstead Heath

Meet at the West Green Road entrance to Downhills Park