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Hi, I'm Lara and I'm a Dogfit Certified Trainer & England Athletics CiRF Run leader.

I am passionate about encouraging people to get fitter with their dogs and introducing them to this fast-growing, exciting sport. It's a great way to gain fitness whilst also exercising your dog. Our group sessions enjoy the added benefit of the social experience you gain from exercising within a group environment.

By using the correct equipment and taking part on a regular basis you will soon see results for both you and your dog. It is suited for people of all ages and abilities, the dogs do need to be fully matured to take part (usually 12-18 months of age, depending on the breed of dog), if in any doubt please seek guidance from your vet. Please enquire about hiring kit, booking a Taster session to try out kit or head to Dogfit.co.uk to purchase your own.

Running ability must be 5k and over. If you're not quite there yet, please chat to Lara about a tailored Couch to 5k Canicross running course.

We will always run as a team and no runner will get left behind.

A run could be cancelled if there are no attendees booked 24hrs before the run start time. Please enquire if you would like to attend a run which is due to take place within the next 24hrs.

Please ensure you have read the Code of Practice. (C of P). All new runners must sign the pre-class forms for both human and dog, please ask Lara for more info.

The safety and wellbeing of the dogs is our priority and if we believe dogs should not be running for a particular reason we have the right to refuse the runner or cancel the run.

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We change the location each session to mix things up a little!

We change the location each session to mix things up a little!

At Poughill Church car park

The Weir. Bottom car park, nearest the A39

Various locations around the Bude area

Various locations around the Bude area