Next run: Sunday 30 June 2024

About our group

Who are Mad Runners? We don't just run! We walk and jog too. We tone, we exercise every muscle in our body, and every session is different including bootcamp / circuit training and yes, running. 
Our all ability sessions  are fun and encouraging, come and see for yourself! 
You can join our beginners building up to their first lap or our experienced runners training for a marathon or ultra. #MadRunners


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Meet our Team

  • Deborah Hurst Cirf, Run Leader, Mental Health Ambassador, Coach in Running Fitness, Group Leader

  • Hannah Franklin Run Leader

  • Mark Hurst Coach in Running Fitness, Run Leader Mentor, Run Leader, Mental Health Ambassador, Group Leader, Cirf

  • Phil Cunliffe Run Leader

Our locations


Thompson centre

Thompson centre

Central Green

Saint's Stadium

Player's Entrance

TW Stadium Player's Entrance

MadRunners WA5

Saint's Car Park

DW Social Run meeting point

Totally Wicked Stadium Main Reception

Totally Wicked Stadium Main Reception

MadRunners Thompson Centre

MadRunners @Sutton Leisure Centre

Look out for MadRunners near the bandstand