Amy Stoneham

Amy started her running journey in January 2016 when she completed a Couch to 5km course. In November 2018, she found Medway Fit and decided to join. Since joining the group, Amy has learnt lots of techniques to improve her running and is now frequently and comfortably running 5 & 10km. She runs with Medway Fit on a Tuesday and Thursday night and runs the Great Lines parkrun on Saturdays. Her goal for 2019 is to firstly train for 10 miles then move onto a half marathon. Amy wanted to become a LiRF to give something back to the running community. She has gone from saying: "There is no way I could ever be a runner," to saying: "I can't wait for my next run!" She enjoys seeing other people achieve new PBs and encouraging people up that next hill!

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