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About our group

Newburn Running Club was established on 6th September 2020 to formally create a club for those who had previously completed Couch to 5k courses with “Couch to 5k – Newcastle” over the previous 24 months.

Our main aim is not to be the biggest or 'the best' club in the area, moreso to be a club that people can feel welcome and accepted at regardless of their own perceived ability.  What we can promise you is an environment where you can train, improve and most importantly enjoy yourself whilst meeting a great bunch of people.

Evening Training Sessions

We meet on Tuesday & Thursday evenings , 7:05pm for a 7:15pm start outside Tyne Amateur Rowing Club in Newburn. Group sizes are reduced at present and each group always has its own pre-arranged meeting point to ensure social distancing is always adhered to.  

All runners are asked to wear face coverings whilst in the meeting area although these can be removed once the session starts.

Currently running up to 6 groups per evening with the ability to cater for a further 4 should the need arise we are able to offer a mixture of different sessions which may include

  • Progression Runs
  • Speed Work
  • Hill Sessions
  • Recovery Runs
  • Tempo

Or …….

  • Simply going for a run with your friends at a pace that suits YOU.

Couch to 5k

Our Couch to 5k programme has been successfully ran for the past 2 years and many who have graduated from the courses continue to run to this day. Each course is 9 weeks long with the primary group run being on a Sunday morning with a further to 2 homework sessions to be completed during the week.

Additional groups are also available on a Tuesday and Thursday evening usually around 6:15pm for those who require the motivation of others to get theirs runs in.

Upon completion of the course all runners get to complete their Graduation 5k and take the adulation they deserve.

Weekend Runs

Training for an event, or just getting out there on your own can be difficult which is why we regularly meet up (not so much of late!) for group runs on a Saturday or Sunday morning

The runs are planned so that people can join in and drop out at different stages so if you are training for a 10k or a Marathon then you can get your miles in without the need to be on your own.

In addition to the Group Runs, we are very active socially via our Facebook Group & Messenger as well as regular Zoom quizzes etc so you are guaranteed to.

If you speak to any of our now 100 + membership base , not 1 of them will give you a reason not to come along and train but they will give you a lot of reasons why you should.


We look forward to running with you soon.

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Tyne Amateur Rowing Club

Slipway Opposite Cafe

Hedley's Riverside Coffee Shop, Newburn Riverside