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Next run: Sunday 01 March 2020

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Offer a  range of courses/sessions for all levels, check out our courses and sessions for Spring, starting in March and which include.......

RETURN TO RUNNING 3-5K run/walk - Sessions for those who wish to return to running after a break or injury. 

INTERMEDIATES 5K run - Sessions for those who wish to maintain a distance of 5k. 

IMPROVERS 6-9K run - Sessions for those wishing to build distance and stamina. 

IMPROVERS PLUS - 14k plus  - Sessions for those training towards 10 mile races and half marathons. 

RUN & TALK - Sessions to encrouage mental wellbeing through a social run or walk. 

For more information on our courses & sessions please click the 'view our group runs' button below.

Power_Runs is a running group that was created to bring runners together to run as a group to support and motivate each other towards a common goal.

The group has grown over 2019 and we have now planned and prepared a number of different courses and sessions for runners to join for 2020. 

You will find something that suits your ability, whether you are just looking for a social run or a programme to help you improve your running.  The ethos of the group is based on having fun and supporting your fellow runners!

The groups are small, friendly and supported by one or two qualified Run Leaders, as well as one or two support run leaders.  

Everyone is welcome! If you need any further information or have any questions please contact us.

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Simone Power - Group Leader


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War Memorial Park - Main car park

War Memorial Park - Main car park

Allesley Park - Main car park

War Memorial Park - entrance opposite Earlsdon Avenue South

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