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Redwell Runners is a jogging group for both beginners and improvers that runs from Redwell Leisure Centre in Wellingborough every Wednesday evening at 6.30pm to encourage adults to get fit.

We run 12 week beginners courses that start with 30 seconds jogging building up to 30 minutes jogging by week 12. The Regulars and the Rapids groups cater for differing abilities doing various sessions to include intervals, hill training and sprint sessions.

The jogging group was launched on 16th October 2013 as one of many groups that are currently up and running in Northamptonshire as part of Jog Northants, a countywide programme aimed at helping beginners start jogging.

Redwell Runners is a friendly and supportive group that also enjoy social events together alongside the running





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Cathrine Danns - Group Leader

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Redwell Leisure Centre - Wellingborough