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Next run: Monday 28 September 2020

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Run2Help meet at the fly2help office at Gloucestershire Airport during the summer months and the Churchdown Parish Council Office during the winter months.

There will be a new Couch to 5k group starting in Brockworth 28th Septemeber for 9 weeks.

We hold a variety of sessions from sprint training to hill training to sometimes just a simple run, and it is suitable for all abilities. We are a fun and friendly group and everyone is very welcome!

Donations are given to the charity fly2help, any amount is appreciated. Whether you plan to run one or two sessions a week will depend on how much you chose to donate. For example, a suggested amount of £15 per month to cover 2 sessions per week or £10 per month to cover 1 session per week, but it is entirely up to you. But don’t  forget if you choose to donate to run twice a week it will make you turn up, come rain or shine or blizzards or hail!!

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Kim Lewington - Group Leader


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fly2help office

Maggie's Centre

Mill Lane Car Park Brockworth