Rachel Baker

Rachel - Wife, Mother, Run Leader! Wow, at 45 years of age, I never thought those last two words would be me. In January 2016, I tipped the scales at 23 stone and 1lb and experienced periods of depression, stress and anxiety. The most running I did was between the couch and the larder but then, 2 weeks before my 40th birthday, my doctor told me a wouldn't reach 50 if I carried on the way I was. Well, that woke me up and she referred me to a local slimming group. It took 18 months to lost 9 stone and in June 2016, 6 months into that and still weighing 20 stone, I started a couch to 5k running app and discovered a love of running. It took time, and it wasn't easy (I couldn't even run for 30 seconds when I first started) but I'm so glad I did it. In addition to giving me my health and waistline back, it's also given me confidence, a massive sense of achievement, and a community of other runners, some of who have become friends. I've set up RunFit5k for people who, like me, need or want to manage physical and mental wellbeing and health through running and fancy getting off of the couch and reaching the goal of running a 5k, and then continuing to run and improve. It's the best thing I ever did and I now want to help you do the same. I am a fully qualified and insured Run Leader, having completed the Leadership in Running Fitness course through England Athletics and RunTogether in September 2018. My groups are small, mix gendered and have an ethos of fun, friendly, supportive and inclusive. I've been where you are and I know how hard it can sometimes be to take that first step, and to keep going. But I also know it will be worth it, I promise.

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