About our group

'Make running and walking a lifestyle'

RWA is an award winning, friendly walking group for Adults.

Walking sessions happen twice a month on Tuesdays, and costs just £2 per walk!

We aim to make exercise fun, rewarding and enjoyable!

*Please note that for health & safety purposes, we must adhere to Covid-19 guidelines.

*Terms & Conditions - for marketing purposes, we take photographs at our sessions, and kindly note that attendees must be in decent health.


RunTogether Leader of The  Month 2021 (London Region) 🏆 ▶️ https://runtogether.co.uk

Tuesdays ▶️ https://www.brent.gov.uk/events

Blog ✍ https://www.runr.co.uk/blogs/

Our Story 📰 https://londonsport.org/one-million-stories-to-tell-andys-story/

International Mens Day 📰 😊 https://londonsport.org/

Eventbrite 😎 https://runwithandy.eventbrite.co.uk

RunTogether Group of The Year 2018 (London Region) 🏆 ▶️ https://www.englandathletics.org/

Shokz Ambassador affiliate 🏅 ▶️https://uk.shokz.comukaffiliate-andy-raju

London Marathon 2024 🏃‍♂️ ▶️Dementia UK


Andy Raju

Run with Andy®

Group Leader | @runwithandy | andyraju.com 


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  • Andy Raju Run Leader Mentor, Group Helper, Group Leader, Run Leader

Our locations


End of Braemar Avenue (One Tree Hill, park entrance)

At the free car park open space just passed the Birchen Grove garden centre

At the end of Braemar Avenue (One Tree Hill, park entrance)