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Welcome to Running Forever Running Club, one of the largest running clubs in Somerset.

We aim to provide an inclusive, friendly, safe and supportive environment for all levels of adult runner in the Taunton area. We are able to offer a range of benefits through our affiliation to England Athletics, including qualified coaches and insurance. Beginners, social runners and those wishing to improve their performance whether on road or trail, 5k or ultramarathon, are all able to take advantage of the sessions provided by the club. The club’s motto is ‘No One Gets Left Behind’.

Our beginners group can be found on the Our Runs section. To find out more about our other club sessions, visit our website.

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Belvedere Road Car Park

Thurlbear School

Wellsprings Leisure Centre ///slave.dizzy.melt

Silk Mills P&R ///tanks.churn.tigers

Somerset Heritage Centre ///tigers.union.complains

Firepool Car Park ///leaves.breath.images

Tesco car park ///rescue.silver.purely

Wellington Monument Car Park ///tolerable.fortified.overcomes

Trull Village Hall ///dorms.darkest.embodied

Wickes car park ///cult.rainy.gross

Car Park in centre of Crowcombe ///pasta.rationing.rescue

Thurlbear Church ///factually.deriving.alpha

Kilkenny Car Park ///rinse.slips.blues

Fons George Car Park ///launch.draw.sheet

Victoria Gate Car Park ///happen.pest.storms

Lydeard Hill Car Park ///skirt.grow.modes

Cothelstone Hill Car Park ///jaundice.shunted.drum

Taunton Vale ///mental.sparks.onion

Bishop's Hull Church ///mimics.snipped.dancer

Co-op Eastwick Road ///loves.guises.robe

Killams Drive/Killams Ave junc ///forge.head.list

Tangier Car Park ///served.decide.puppy

Hankridge Halfords Bus Stop ///glimmers.creamed.bets

Morrisons Car Park (Priory Bridge Rd end) ///alarm.dusty.tummy

Hollywood Bowl/McDonalds ///ombudsman.freezing.outraged

Norton Fitzwarren railway crossing ///pepper.pitch.soon

Sellick Green Blagdon ///mothering.blotches.robots

Killams Dr/Kingsway junc ///informed.argue.hazy

Wiveliscombe Croft Way Car Park ///central.reflected.studs

Dead Woman's Ditch ///denoted.eyeful.soups

Bishop's Lydeard Station Approach ///kitchens.cassettes.lunching