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We currently meet every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 19:00 at Newbridge High School, Forest Road, Coalville LE67 3SJ outside reception for a Group run. In winter we will run around the local streets due to the dark, in summer, routes can be a mixture of road and cross-country. Ranging from a 1 mile gently walk/jog for beginneers upto 5 miles.

In short we are a social running group, aimed at getting runners (that’s you!) of all abilities outside and enjoying running, enjoying the countryside and enjoying yourself. We are not a running club, so we are not looking to be competitive or to break any records, the group is there to act as motivation and support for those that want it.

We provide support and opportunity for people to incorporate running into their lifestyle. We start with some gentle jogging and walking at a nice easy pace to build up a bit of stamina so that eventually you should be able to jog about 3 miles non-stop. You need plenty of gossip in these sessions.

Best results are achieved by those who create time and CAN change their lifestyle. You need to be selfish to do this. Make sure others understand that they mustn’t make demands on your time during this period.  Better still bring the people with you!
Once you’ve done the hard bit in creating a slot of time for yourself, then just repeat the course sessions a couple of times a week will do fine.

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Patrick Tyers - Group Leader


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Newbridge High School, Outside Reception