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CANCELLED *Spring 2020 beginners course starts Sunday 5 April*  CANCELLED 

***All Group runs are suspended until at least the end of April.***

Sawtry Walk To Run is both a Run Together (RT) Group and a fully affiliated England Athletics Running Club. 

Throughout the summer season we meet at St Judith's at 8.30am on Sundays and on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 7.15pm.  We welcome  all ages (from 12) and all abilities and so whether you are a beginner or an ultra runner, there is a place for you at Sawtry's Running Club.  

We run whatever the weather, every Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday all year round. Our varied Club Runs are not listed on here but can be found in our Facebook group (search 'Sawtry Walk To Run').

What you will find on here are our RT sessions (for beginners, our #runandtalk events and our charity runs). 

Lots more info at www.sawtrywalktorun.co.uk where you will also be able to sign up for advance notification of our inagural 10 mile race on Sunday 6 Sepetmber 2020.

Club night sessions include a straight run, Jeffing (walk/run) sesisons plus options for efforts based training with our coaches such as intervals, hills, negative splits and strength etc  - join and check out our Facebook group for Club Runday posts.   

Over 200 people have now joined our last 7 beginners programmes and found a love of running. Many of those thought they couldn't run.





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Nona Bowkis - Group Leader

07861 740040

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Next to car park at St Judith's

The Greystones Car Park

Graham Water Car Park tbc

Outside Sawtry Lifestyles Gym

Ferry Meadows parkrun, Ham Lane cafe