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Next run: Friday 30 October 2020

About our group

*From 20 July 2020, we have been able to run in groups of unlimited numbers with a Covid risk assessment in place. However, we have decided to keep in groups of up to 12 for the forseeable. The Social Gathering limits to 6 from Monday 14 September 2020 do not apply to us, as confirmed by England Athletics who are our Governing Body.  

*Runners should only attend if they are free from any of the Covid symptoms, have not tested positive in the last 14 days and have not been deemed a contact by NHS Track & Trace and are free from any quarentine measures*

Sawtry Walk To Run is both a Run Together (RT) Group and a fully affiliated England Athletics Running Club. 

We meet every Sunday at 8.30am and every Tuesday & Thursday at 7.15pm.  There are also sessions at 6.15am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.

Locations vary at the moment in acordance with our Covid risk assessment - please check "Our Group Runs' page for details. 

We welcome  all ages (from 12) and all abilities and so whether you are a beginner or an ultra runner, there is a place for you at Sawtry's Running Club.  We have a group for those running 6 - 9 min miles, a Thursday group for those running 9 -10 min miles, a Social Runners group for 10 to 12 min milers, 3 Jeffing groups (15/30, 30/30 & 60/30) and a walking group.

The walking group will pause while we run our next Beginners Group which runs from Sunday 20 September until Thursday 26 November 2020.   

More info on our website at www.sawtrywalktorun.co.uk and in our eponymous Facebook group.


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Nona Bowkis - Group Leader

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Our locations


Next to car park at St Judith's

The Greystones Car Park

Graham Water Car Park tbc

Outside Sawtry Lifestyles Gym

Ferry Meadows parkrun, Ham Lane cafe

Outside CARESCO building in Old School Hall car park

Bowlands Place

Top Shops Greenways

Opposite WI (by dentist)

Westfield/Gidding Road Corner

The Maltings

Marlow Car Park, Grafham Water

Grafham Water fishing lodge car park