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Next run: Sunday 27 May 2018

About our group

Sawtry Walk To Run currently has 4 groups of differing abilities which meet 3 times every week: Sunday mornings and Tuesday and Thursday evenings. There is no fee to join and all sessions are free.  

For beginners we use the None To Run programme which is 12 weeks and gets people increasing their run time from 30 seconds to 25 minutes. When people complete that, they can either join a 3 to 5k group or a 5k to 10k group depending on where they feel they need to be. 

On completion of the beginners progression programmes, runners can join either of the Club Runs which cater for those who want to run various social runs betwen 3 and 10k type distances and those who are looking to train for regular 10ks, Half Marathons and beyond.  

From 8 July, we start a training programme in preperation for the Peterborough Half Marathon in October 2018. We will have leaders working with people who want to complete in around 1.5 hours right up to those who want to complete it in within the 3.5 hour time limit.

Sessions currently start at St Judiths at 8.30am on a Sunday and at 7.15pm on a Tuesday and Thursday evening. We do vary the venue and time sometimes to give a bit of variety or if training for a specific event, so please check on here or on our Facebook page before heading off. 

Whatever your starting point, we can get you up and running. Some of us are speedy, some of us not so much but we all support each other and enjoy our group runs so do come along and join us.

Experienced runners always welcome to join the runs and/or help out with the groups and/or offer to help lead new runs.  

Contact details

Nona Bowkis - Group Leader

07484 745006

Meet our run leaders

Our locations


Next to car park at St Judith's

Peterborough Parkrun

The Greystones Car Park

Graham Water Car Park tbc

Our group numbers

  • 7 Groups runs per week
  • 1455 Total KM this year
  • 9K Average run distance
  • 168 Active runners