Alan Howatt-Baker

I'm Al, I'm 54 and only found running about 2 years ago after a long period of ill health. I wanted to try and get fit again, I was nearly 19 stone (118 Kg in new money) I started on the Couch to 5 km program and built from there. I'm now 4 stone lighter (and that's all down to running, no diet change) and can happily plod along on half marathons. This is currently my passion, and aim to get fitter and build stamina in this area, and would love people to join me. I've become passionate about running, and Team caterpillar is my place to be, not only a very friendly bunch but always willing to help others, and we are always there for you and each other to help on the journey. We fully support each other and anyone wanting to get on this journey, so why not come along and say hello?

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