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Next run: Thursday 13 June 2024

About our group

Team Caterpillar was  launched in June 2019.  Since them we have had the most amazing success and formed as a club in 2023.

The support you give to each other is what makes this club a success.  A fabulous group of individuals coming together every week to motivate each other and make lasting friendships.

What makes this TEAM awesome?  Well for starters we believe everyone should be able to access sport and that why we offer four FREE  C25K programs a year and an opportunity to try us for a month before becoming a member.  With a  low cost membership of £27 a year that's  £0.52p a week, offering  great value for money with 12 sessions a week for all different abilities.

 We work with you to achieve your goals but more importantly we go at your pace and you will NEVER be left behind.

We have put together a programme  suitable for everyone regardless of your level. What have you got to lose? Be part of an amazing supportive team, make new friends, get fit and healthy and achieve your goals.

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Our locations


Richmond Station

Aldi Car Park

Reeth Village Green

Fountains Abbey meet outside the main building near the toilets

Meet at the Obelisk

Lidl Colburn, Catterick

Ormesby Hall Middlesborough Free 10K - Trust 10

Racecourse Car Park Richmond

Friary Gardens

Ellerton Lakeside Cafe

Melsonby, Village Green

Richmond High school Car park

Lidl carpark Richmond

Richmondshire Cricket Club

Mocha - Aske Estate

Round Howe Car Park

Aysgarth Falls Visitor Centre Car Park

Brompton On Swale Village Shop

Farmers Arms

Catterick Athletic Stadium

The Holly Hill Inn

George & Dragon Hudswell

Outside Boots Princes Gate, Catterick

Scorton Lakes - South Car Park

Tan Hill Inn

Robertson Road Sports Ground

Influence Church - Food Bank

Naafi Cafe - Princes Gate

Scotton Village Hall

Outside Co-Op Colburn

Scorton Lakes North Car Park

Crown Inn Pub Brompton on Swale (Use car park)

Wavell School