Blister Sisters Running Group

Next run: Wednesday 05 June 2024

About our group

The Blister Sisters began as a small friendly beginners running group, and has grown and evolved and is now a large beginner friendly running group! The aim of the group is to break down some of the barriers us lovely ladies have to running. We offer a supportive and relaxed environment, and a big enough group than you can feel assured no one is taking any notice of you! The group has a very informal feeling and no one is there to judge anyone else’s progress.

The group is run and led by UK Athletics Qualified Coaches and Run Leaders, but this doesn’t mean they are scary super runners! They are the friendliest and most welcoming bunch you could want to meet. Our Coaches and Run Leaders work as volunteers to facilitate the group – such is their passion to get us ladies out running! They bring their experience and knowledge – but the focus on our sessions is always fun with the aim to improve your running without it feeling like hard work!

Our youngest members are 18 and go right up to over 70!. We have a wide variety of fitness levels and running ambitions, but together we are a team and it doesn’t matter what your running dreams are – we all work together and support each other in achieving these.

There are a number of women running with us who were convinced they ‘couldn’t run’….with a bit of persuasion they agreed to give it a go – and the best news is they are still coming and making great progress! We love getting new members and growing the running community – so what are you waiting for?! Come along and give it a try. Remember – you don’t have to be able to run to join us!

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Outside the Light Railway Station

Meet on the Seafront outside Hythe Fishbay Restaurant

Meet on the seafront outside the Hythe Imperial Hotel

Meet on the canal path behind Waitrose