Jolly Jeffers Beginners Group

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A gentle introduction to steady and inclusive 8 week course taking you from the beginning to 5k. We use methods proven to motivate you and keep you safe from injury. As a group you will learn to motivate and encourage each other and provide support for homework runs. Ideally we would love you to sign up to the free version of Strava so that we can celebrate your journey, and share your success within the Jolly Jeffers Community. Don’t worry if you can’t do it, we will show you! Come and give us a try!

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Run details

  1. Wednesday
  2. 07:00PM
  3. 0-5K
  4. Unisex
  5. Get Me Started
  6. Guided route

Where we meet


The pull in adjacent to Jenny’s Field at the end of Starling Road

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