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Next run: Wednesday 28 April 2021

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My name is Rachael, and if like me you have ever thought that you can’t run, for one reason or another, then this could be the group for you, and the way to turn ‘I can’t’ into ‘I can’.

Why is the group called The Jolly Jeffers? Well, a few years ago I helped a lovely group of ladies achieve 0-5k. We had so much fun and the group was nicknamed The Jolly Joggers. We are still friends today, still jolly and still run together....please read on...

 Some time ago  I was introduced to ‘Jeffing’’, the affectionate name for the  Jeff Galloway run/walk method. Jeff is a 10,000 metre Olympian. The method offers runners a way of achieving running goals and the strategies required to build up to longer distances in a gradual and manageable way, without putting too much stress on the body and mind. It allows those using the method to complete short and long runs without that feeling of exhaustion afterwards. 

It taught me that anything is possible and that walking isn’t cheating. Jeffing is a superb strategy to achieve and instil the ‘I can ‘ mentality,  promoting individual success and pride.

After I had gained my Leader in Run Fitness license I knew I wanted to offer something that isn’t already available in Tewkesbury and the surrounding area. So, The Jolly Jeffers was created.

Our sessions are at 7pm on Wednesday  evenings from Jenny’s Field, Walton Cardiff, at the end of Starling Road. (Sometimes the meeting point changes, and a confirmation email is sent the night before) This will be a divided group, Pink group for anyone who wants to go a little faster and further and blue group for anyone who would prefer to take it a bit easier, catch up with friends or maybe returning from time off, or to build a little confidence if you have not jeffed before. Both groups will incorporate loopbacks to ensure that everyone is included. 

I am LIRF (Leader in Run Fitness) qualified through England Athletics and insured to run groups with participants aged 12 and above, and with help from fellow leader Dawn  we can book up to a limit of 24 participants.  I am also qualified to guide runners with a  visual impairment. 
If you have read this far, you must be at least curious, so why not click the link below to join in. 
We look forward to seeing you soon.

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Rachael Banfield - Group Leader

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The pull in adjacent to Jenny’s Field at the end of Starling Road

Tewkesbury School Car Park

Keep fit area at The Vineyards

Car parking at The Back of Avon

Cascades Car Park

Wheatpieces Community Cenre Car Park