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Next run: Tuesday 23 July 2024

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Running in groups is now allowed. Official covid safe groups such as UMRUN have no limit to the number of runners in the group but all must obseve social distancing. 

Umrun also require that all runners follow these rules when taking part in UMRun lead group runs:
 Everyone taking part in an organised run MUST be registered and sign in on Run Together
 You should not attend within 14 of coming into contact with anyone who have tested positive for covid-19
 Do not attend sessions if you live with someone who is experiencing symptoms of covid-19
 Make your Run leader aware if you test positive for covid-19 within 14 days of attending a session
 There are no storage facilities at the meet points
 There are no shower facilities at the meet points
 There should be NO sharing of equipment – bibs, batons, water bottles etc
 Ensure you wash your hands thoroughly before and after attending a session
 Ensure social distancing of at least 1 metre is maintained throughout the warm up and when running
 There should be no socialising before the start or at the end of sessions, in groups of more than 6 people or two households, and social distancing should be maintained in these groups
 Where possible you should avoid touching traffic crossing points with hands
 If you are able to carry hand sanitiser then please do
 No spitting whilst exercising in a group
 If you are able to carry a buff or mask this is advisable, in case circumstances arise where this is needed
 Make run leaders aware of any recent injuries you may have had before the start of the run
 Carry asthma inhalers or other medication if you are likely to need them

 Failure to adhere to these terms will result in the session organisers or group leaders removing you from the session.

if you are still working from  home then there is currently an opportunity to join the Tuesday lunchtime group via zoom. If you need some encouragement to get out and run and want some advice on warm up and stretching why not join us. 

Usual service outside if lockdown is : 

Join The University of Manchester staff & postgrad running group supervised by a Run England affiliated leader. These structured and planned weekly sessions vary each week and cater for all abilities.

We have two main meet points - The Active Lifestyles Centre on Denmark Road and the Vimto Statue on Granby Row (Outside Sackville Street Building)

There is no charge to attend the groups. They are run by volunteers who are staff at the University and are part form part of our Health and Fitness programme, from the SPORT office.

See the SPORT website for more details : https://www.sport.manchester.ac.uk/sport-and-activity/activeanywhere/  and  https://www.sport.manchester.ac.uk/sport-and-activity/activeanywhere/running-and-walking/

UMRun is The University of Manchester's running group that offers a support network for those that wish to fit exercise into their busy schedules either thorugh run commuting or group runs around campus. More details on the website:  http://www.sustainability.manchester.ac.uk/travel/staff/running/



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Our locations


Outside main entrance to the Active Lifestyles Centre, Denmark Road

Outside the Granby Row entrance of Sackville Street Building

Meet in the old quadrangle

Inside the Barnes Wallis Hub

Outside ticket office

Whitworth Art Gallery - plaza in front of the building

Out the front of the Whitworth Art Gallery

Outside the main entrance of the Student union building - look for the Run Leader T-shirt

MECD Building South Entrance, University of Manchester