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We're Your Best Run: a running fitness group offering sessions to ladies and gents of all ages who would like to start running, and those who currently run a little but would like to improve.

Running 'fitness', you say? 

Yes. But please don't let that put you off! 

Rather than focussing on covering a certain distance or route, these sessions will incorporate drills, games and exercises that prepare your body to really get the most out of your running, and also help prevent niggles or injuries as your running progresses. They'll aim to improve your fitness, strength and stability - all of which are important for runners.

But don't you run to get fit?

Absolutely. Running lots is a fantastic way to improve your fitness... and to get better at running! But, you also need strong muscles, healthy bones and mobile joints for the perfect balance, and to keep you running well for as long as possible.

So, what will we do in the session?

A typical session will start with a gentle warm-up, to get both your body and mind prepared. We may then do some activities to get your core and lower body primed and fired, followed by some leg exercises (something you might not normally do if you were heading out for a run by yourself). We'll always incorporate a little game - perhaps something to get you moving differently to how you're used to - then finish with a cool-down. 

Sounds pretty good. But isn't this sort of stuff only for 'real' runners?

You ARE a real runner! If you've ever put one foot in front of the other slightly faster than walking pace, you're a runner! 

Seriously though, this session is for EVERYONE. Our group is a supportive, friendly, fun environment, where beginners and improvers can run better, together. 

If you have any questions, please just drop me a line: celine@yourbestfit.co.uk

Please do come along to check out one of our sessions - we look forward to running with you!

Celine :-)

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King's Field Park, Hampton Wick, Kingston Upon Thames