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Next run: Friday 18 September 2020

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Official RunTogether running group based in Norwich.

Having had personal experience of the life changing impact running can make I wanted to encourage and share my experience with others.

We aim to provide a inclusive, running for wellbeing group. In particular to date we have had participants of ages from 16 to 73 years old, from a variety of backgrounds, dealing with issues such as Visual Impairment, Obesity, Injury rehabilitation, Diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes, numerous Mental Health Issues including anxiety, depression, Brain Injury, Body dismorphier, PTSD, Aspergers, eating disorders, addiction, low self esteem, grief, respite from being a carer.

"I want to help other people in a similar situation who maybe haven’t got the family or support. Running has made a huge difference to my mental and physical health and I want to help provide that opportunity for others"

Dudley Garner



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Dudley Garner - Group Leader

07891 083224

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Eaton Park Band Stand

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Outside school gates