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Part of the Handsworth Roadhogs Running Club, a club which has been running for over 30 years, the Roadtrotters is a group formed to introduce people to running or to provide a base to help people back running after a long time away. 

Since we started  2 years ago, we have encouraged and helped a number of people who didn't class themselves as runners, achieve various goals from completing a 5k run to running marathon. We have also encouraged people to take part in events which they would not normally consider, like Cross Country races, trail races and even as part of a team in the  Round Rotherham, a 50 mile relay race, where you run on various terrains.

Currently meeting on a Monday and Thursday evenings , with Thursdays being ladies only, we aim to provide a friendly enjoyable environment where you can run in the company of others.  We have 2 run leaders (LiRF) and 1 coach (CiRF)  to provide assistance and support to help you achieve your targets .whether it's just getting fit , losing weight, or running a certain distance or time.


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Beaver Hill Rd Entrance - Car Park

Handsworth Grange Community Sports College, Car Park , Beaver Hill Road Entrance