#runandtalk is an England Athletics campaign supported by Mind, the Mental Health charity, to improve mental wellbeing through running by:

  • getting people talking about mental health, sharing their experiences and removing stigma
  • raising awareness of mental health problems
  • supporting people experiencing mental health problems to start, return to and continue running

Twice a year we’re asking people to get out for a jog or run with friends, family or colleagues and have a chat to support Time to Talk Day and World Mental Health Day.   Click here to find out more about #runandtalk

We’re often told that physical activity is good for our bodies and our minds, but having a mental health problem can make it difficult to get started, for a number of reasons, ranging from negative body image, or a lack of self-esteem through to practical reasons such as having no one to go with, or not knowing where to get started. At Lickey End Striders our Ambassadors & the friendly group want to support you with your running & the first steps toward adventure.

“Mental Health issues can affect anyone at anytime.  Many members of our running community have suffered with anxiety or depression at some point of their life and speak of the benefits it has made in their lives: restoring a sense of belief in themselves, meeting new people  and having an attainable goal to aim at. 
If you have any questions or would like more information please contact us directly.”
Lickey End Striders Mental Health Ambassadors

Running may not be suitable for everyone and If you have any concerns we would actively encourage you consult with your GP.