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We run every Tuesday - regardless of weather! The runs are usually organised into three ability groups:-


This is a short run (around 1.5 miles) and is ideal for brand new runners, novice runners trying to conqer their first non-stop mile, lapsed runners trying to build back up safely or those recovering from injury or illness. We endeavour to provide 1 to 1 support in this group and usually have several helpers including myself (Group Leader Jo!), and this group is the reason I set the Love Running Tuesday Nighters up in the first place.


This is generally for runners who can already manage 2 miles without stopping and are looking to increase their mileage gently. It is also ideal for "parkrunners" as the routes are around 3-3.5 miles! You do not have to be able to run at a certain speed to go in this group, you just need to already be able to run a couple of miles - however fast or slowly! There is no "1 to 1" support in this group, but there is ALWAYS a back-marker (a "Rearguard Motivator"!) to keep you all safe and supported, and plenty of company on the way round.

It is basically like a weekday parkrun, except that it is on roads and we don't time the runs!!


The advanced group usually do anything from 4-5 miles (5 is the max). You do not have to run "fast" to go in the advanced group - you simply have to be able to manage 4 miles without stopping - however slowly or fast you can do it! There is no "1 to 1" support in this group, but again there is always a backmarker or two to keep you going and make sure no-one is left behind.

It doesn't matter if you run 7 minute mile pace or 14  - as long as you are able to cover the distance with significantly more running than walking!

Occasionally we do a "Timed Out and Back", which is one of our more sociable activities. We all set off together - regardless of ability - and follow the same route for the same time. The amount of distance you cover depends on your own pace, and there is no pressure to cover any set distance at all. When we do this the distances covered within the group literally range from 2 miles to - in some cases - 6!

I always backmark an "Out and Back" myself, and it is a great atmosphere at the end as we all arrive back at the car-park within 5 minutes of each other, meaning lots of support and camaraderie between runners as they pass each other!

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