We often get asked questions about what Maldon Soul Runners is like... So when we answer them, we'll also put them in this page.

How much does it cost?
NOTHING - like parkrun we're not about charging you to come and run around the streets and footpaths of Maldon. 

Are you a running club?
NO - we're a running group that exists purely for the enjoyment off running with other people. We think running clubs are amazing organisations but they can be a little scary and naturally people question whether they will be good enough.  In our experience, running clubs are hugely welcoming and supportive and there's some great one's close to Maldon.  But hopefully we fill a gap for people wanting to run regularly and chat, but perhaps don't feel a running club is right for them or don't want to travel just to run.

Will I be too slow?  
NO - Not ever. It's sometimes hard to put into words, how brilliant it is running with someone else, no matter how fast or slow they might be. Sometimes we get to share something really special and support someone to achieve their first 5k or even running for 5 minutes for the first time since they left school. To say that gives everyone a massive buzz is a bit of an understatement.  We'll do our best to make sure you feel welcomed, encouraged and try to run at your pace.