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Hi there, we are Muddy Runners Poole, a running club that provides encouragement, support & company to runners from absolute beginner to more experienced road and trail runner...all whilst having fun!

Many of us runners want to be as fast as we can be over our preferred distance & that can be a great feeling, but lots of people just want to enjoy the journey, and that can be even better! We want to be there to support you in whatever type of runner you want to be.

We love running and want to help you see why it can be so awesome! So that’s why we want it to be fun! Afterall, we started out as a group of friends who liked running, started doing some crazy events, and added to our ranks.

We attend many local events, including:

  • 5ks
  • 10ks
  • 10 miles
  • Half marathons
  • Marathons.
  • You'll also often see us at Parkrun, trail runs, wacky events and 24 hour team runs….we’ll try most things!

We've just launched our first "Aspire to 5k" course, run over a 10 week period, so why not check it out? Click over to the "Our Runs" page to see more info.

We'll also be setting up as regular club runs, offering advice & support, as well as providing access to our member’s only Facebook group once club membership is available.

When you join, you’ll also be a part of the wider Muddy Runner family, where we’ll participate in events with our parent club (based in Andover)….including meeting up a runs and the annual Christmas party!

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Andrew Roast - Group Leader

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Poole Park Cricket Pavilion

The Grasshopper