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We are a friendly running community that meets twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. We welcome all abilities and ages to our sessions, and nobody gets left behind.

Tuesday nights are when we have our technical sessions including sprints, hills and intervals. This is also the night we run our successful OnetoRun programme, aimed at begineers, those recovering from injury or runners looking for focused session to improve their technique. These sessions take place, not only at the Sports Centre, but also out on local roads. Between Autumn and Spring, during the darker evenings, we also have the use of an floodlit Astro pitch, taking the place of the grass field.

Thursday nights are for our mixed paced social road run groups. From beginners to experienced distance runners, there will be a group you can join. 

Each session begins at 6:30pm until 7:30pm, and all start at Ipswich School Sports Centre in Rushmere, near Ipswich. 

We have recently introduced an annual membership fee of £25, with all of our weekly sessions currently provided free of charge. These sessions have proved successful, with goals acheived and new friendships made

We look forward to seeing you

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Jan Reeve - Group Leader

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Our locations


Ipswich School Sports Centre

Ipswich School Sports Centre, Ground Floor

Meet outside Christchurch Mansion

Meet at Kesgrave Tesco

Christchurch Park - Green Hut by the Westerfield Road entrance

Woodbridge School Sports Field

Suffolk Police HQ Car Park

Christchurch Park - Park Road Entrance (by the benches)

Gainsborough Lane Car Park

Top of Constitution Hill - Junction with Henley Road

Foxhall Stadium

Race Village

Ven-Yew, Greshams

Shops next to Tesco

Lattice Ave/Newbury Road

Foxhall Rd/Heath Rd

Nacton Green by Orwell Dentist

Parking at Birches Medical Centre

Tuddenham Fountain Car Park

Maybush Car Park

Greyhound Pub

Murray Rd Rec - Playground entrance

Butt and Oyster Car Park

Martlesham Rec

Maybush Car Park

Black Tiles Car Park

Bridge Wood Car Park