Code Of Conduct

Waterside Runners is a Community Running Group based in the New Forest, who encourage people to achieve their running and athletics goals, no matter how big or small, safely and without harassment or discrimination.  All runners must be over 16 years of age to take part in runs that are advertised through the Run Together website. 


1.       Please register with RunTogether. Completing all details regarding emergency contacts and medical conditions. Please ensure that these details are kept up to date.

2.       Please ensure that you arrive on time and check in with one of the leaders upon arrival.

Health and Safety

3.       Come prepared with the correct clothing / footwear including hi-viz/reflective clothing (especially when the evenings are dark). We may refuse to take you out on a run with us if you are not suitably dressed.

4.       When choosing routes we try to find well-lit routes for safety but occasionally this is unavoidable. It is mandatory to have to carry a head torch between September 30th and March 31st.

5.       For your own safety listen to the route briefing with full attention. Although you may have seen the route online a change may have occurred.  (It is also courteous).

6.       Ensure that you are well / fit enough to take part before arriving. This includes not being under the influence of alcohol or drugs. We may refuse to take you out if we think you are unfit to run.  We have to think of the safety of you and others.

7.       From a safety point (and a social point) we would be grateful if our runners didn’t wear headphones whilst running.

8.       Make sure you are well hydrated. In hot weather, bringing some water for your run is advisable.

9.       Please ensure you cross roads safely. We are not exempt from the Green Cross Code.  Stop, Look and Listen.  Please do not just run out into the road. 

10.    Please give other pedestrians right of way. We don’t own the roads and pathways in Stroud and the surrounding area.

11.    Do not place yourself or others in danger because of your own actions. Your leaders are not responsible for your actions.

12.    Due to different running abilities we may ask the group to loop back or re-group at various points throughout a run. We would ask you to help look after each other during a run.

13.    We will always endeavour to have a tail runner for each group. 

14.    If you are unsure of a route at any time please do not just run on regardless, either wait or loop back until you find a runner who is certain of the route.

15.    If you decide that you cannot continue with your run, please notify someone in your group (preferably a leader).

16.    If you are injured it is advisable to return to the start point with another runner. 

17.    In the event of an accident or injury we would ask you to notify a leader so that we can complete an accident report form.

18.    Failure to adhere to the instructions of the leaders can result in the cancellation of the training session.

Social Media

19.    We would ask that you are courteous and considerate to others when posting or replying to other members’ posts.

20.    Please consider the social media audience when posting on social media. We do have under 18s within the group.

21.    Please make sure your posts are fitness appropriate. Although it is nice to see you are eating healthily it doesn’t mean to say we need to see each meal you eat. A post about what nutrition is working for you, however, may be helpful.

Club Colours

22.    We would ask that you abide by this Code of Conduct whenever you wear Waterside Runners Colours.  (Colours meaning t-shirts, vests, hoodies, jackets, hats, buffs/snoods etc)

23.    Please, apart from having your name/nickname, do not add anything else including slogans to your Waterside  Runnners Colours.

24.    Any other Waterside  Runners branded items must have prior approval from the Group Owner. 


26.    We would recommend car sharing to any events with members of your own household due to COVID-19. 

27.    Please be mindful when attending events to also act appropriately (as referred to above – you are representing the club)


28.    Do not be prejudiced or discriminative towards other members in the club, be competitive but don't step over the line!

29.    Any person causing alarm/distress to the club or its members will be asked to leave the club.

If we, the leaders, have any concerns about your conduct whilst running with or whilst representing the club we will discuss this with you. Continuation of any inappropriate behaviour will result in you being asked to leave Waterside Runners.

If you have any concerns then please discuss them with your leader/s.