Couch to 5K

The Far Runners are passionate about running - we know what a positive impact it can have on your physical and mental health! All the Run Leaders got into running as adults, so we also understand, first-hand, how daunting that first run can be and the challenges of sticking to a programme. For these reasons, we're pleased to host a 'Couch to 5K' course at least once a year. The course is suitable for absolute beginners and those who've had a substantial break from running. We follow the NHS programme, holding one run a week to keep you on track, and providing additional support and guidance on important issues such as stretching, and cross-training.

These sessions are also social occasions, and we hope you'll make new friends and meet 'buddies' who you can train with outside of the Far Runners Beginners sessions. The courses are timed to coincide with an optional 'graduation' run, such as the Buscot Park 5k Fun Run, or a local Park Run.

We encourage everyone who completes the course to move on to running with the main group and we've had some great success stories, most recently with a former 'Beginner' completing two marathons. There is no fee for these sessions and membership of Far Runners is completely free (we are a community group, run entirely by volunteers). However, anyone joining the group must provide basic information about themselves and emergency contact details by signing up on Run Together, joining the Far Runners group and one of our running sessions.

Please note due to the licence held by the Run Leaders, the group is for over-16s only.