Kate White

I started running in 2020 when I was in my late thirties, having never been sporty in my entire life. I had a brief flirtation with running about ten years earlier, but it didn't stick. I was the kid who would do anything to avoid PE at school. But this time, it got me hooked. I love the freedom and fitness that running gives me, the adventures it has taken me on and the new friends it has brought into my life. Running quickly led to cycling and swimming, and a love of the gym too. Last year I decided to turn my passion into a full-time job and qualified as a personal trainer. I now work with people of all abilities to improve their health and fitness - including many runners. I have taken part in many events over the past three years, including numerous muddy trail races - and last year I ran my first marathon and took part in my first triathlon too. I'm now training for another marathon and a 100km ultramarathon. I started running with Far Runners in November 2023 and it has added a completely new dimension to my enjoyment of running - as a run leader I want to help other people find the same joy in running that I do. Come and join us - we're a friendly bunch and I can say from experience that everyone is welcomed and made to feel included.

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