Daniel Comiskey

I'm Dan (aka Ski - see surname!) and have been one of the Far Runners run leaders since 2019, and if I am to be perfectly honest with you, I've not always enjoyed running. I've been in the army for over 20 years and running was forced onto me causing a lot of injuries or just plain uninterested from taking part in a run that was at a distance and pace that was dictated by someone that would challenge an Olympic athlete! So my passion for enjoying running came in 2013 on a rainy day in Dorset and I haven't looked back. I still dislike army style running but I now pace at some 10km and half marathon events, and I really enjoy this. It is where I can plod at a comfortable pace and encourage others to run at a pace that suits them. There are some people that try for a PB and along with the rest of the pacers, am only happy to help.

I aim to bring the good bits from what I've learnt from Army fitness lessons whilst keeping the bad stuff away, and whilst I am proud to be the creator of 'Anything can happen Thursday' (also known as ACHT): we don't do any Tough Mudder style activities (unless requested!).

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