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Next run: Tuesday 23 August 2022

About our group

Hello and welcome to More than a run.

Group sessions are returning from 4th January 2022. Numbers are limited, so booking is essential. You must register with RunTogether and book yourself onto our runs.  This helps us to know who we're expecting and enables us to mark you in / out of runs so we can keep you all safe!

This group provides fun, friendly, supportive and inclusive running opportunities in a safe environment.

It is primarily for beginners or those returning to running who feel they would benefit from the support gained running within a small group.  Many people are anxious about taking up or getting back into exercise.  Don’t be. We are all in the same boat.  Taking it one step at a time.  Together.

There are lots of reasons to take up running.  To improve or maintain fitness, to enjoy the outdoors, to enjoy a new hobby or social activity.  The benefits are huge.  Whatever your motivations, running is a great way to reduce stress and anxiety levels!

Each member will have their own personal goals but will also be encouraged to make it a goal to complete a local Parkrun which is a free event held weekly.  If you run as part of a group you are more likely to succeed in reaching your goals.  Why not join us?

It’s never too late to start. I came into running after years of what I would describe as an active lifestyle but no planned physical exercise.  I hadn’t taken part in any running  since leaving school . A gap of 30 years!  If I can do it, anyone can.

I am licensed and insured by UK Athletics in Leadership in Running Fitness and am also a Mental Health Champion.

A follow on group is offered to support those who want to keep up the good work or advice and guidance of where to progress.

Everyone is welcome, why not join in?



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Pamela Highfield - Group Leader

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Our locations


Top of the car park at the start of the animals

Nunthorpe Academy, Guisborough road, TS7 0LA

Middlesbrough Sports Village

Pallister Park Centre

Civic Centre, Reception area

To be confirmed via email

Guisborough Woods

Church Lane, Entrance to Ormesby Hall

Main car park off Ladgate Lane