Name: Pamela

Position: Founder of More Than A Run, commenced January 2018. A Qualified Leader in Running Fitness, Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer, Volunteer Mental Health Champion

What influenced you to start MTAR?
Although I liked PE and cross country at school I didn't actually start exercising or running again until about 30 years later.  After trying C25k and struggling I discovered how different it was to run with company and I have never looked back.  Love to be outdoors making use of our local green spaces surrounded by nature.

What is your mission for MTAR?
My mission is to encourage as many people as possible to take up or return to physical activity by breaking down real and perceived barriers.


Name: Shaun

Position: Qualified Leader in Running Fitness, Volunteer Mental Health Champion, Covid Officer for the group

What's inspired you to be part of this team?

I have always been active, played a lot of squash when I was younger then got into mountain biking. I tried C25k some years ago but work got in the way.  I then tried it again in 2017 and haven't looked back since.

What do you like most about being in MTAR?

It's just nice to be able to help someone realise their dreams of being a little fitter and a little more active and having a chat with people. I have worked in IT Support for 30 years so have always been helping people, and love to make people happy and see them smile.