2018 has seen the fruition of our Run Buddy!

Who are they? They are just like you! They joined us to get up and active and because they love it that much they want to help others!

If you are thinking of coming for the first time they will be there to help and support you every step of the way. Many of them have come through the couch to 5k programme so know what it feels like to have never run before and the many challenges and triumphs that come along with it.

These wonderful people have all put themselves forward voluntarily to support others on runs - I know AMAZING! A run with them is so much easier as they encouarge you from the first step.

So if you see them (they can't really be missed with the t-shirts they have) ask them anything (on running) and they will be happy to help!

So who are these wonderful people...

  • Liz Smith
  • Jackie Lambert
  • Michael Peter
  • Kelly Briggs
  • Ruth Singleton-Evans
  • Tony Hannon
  • Caroline Spencer
  • Nicki Wilkinson
  • Urszula Leeson
  • Luke Talbot (Our youngest Run Buddy)
  • Maxine Morton
  • Katie Nunkoo