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We are a friendly  group of runners who want to get fitter, get quicker, get PB race times, be sociable, challenge ourselves and have fun, We don't take ourselves too seriously, we meet athe the Village Hotel in Portsmouth, Hants, and offer sessions for free to Village gym members or for small charge for non members.

We have a varied schedule of sessions, and between the Head Coach and 5 Leaders  we encourage everybody to work hard and feel great after.  We have speed, hill, endurance, strength and technique sessions and have a mix of runners from those just starting out to those looking to beat their marathon times.  There is more to getting better at running, than just running, our technique and coached sessions work on how to become a more efficient runner and develop strength in key running muscles, helping to prevent that gloom of injury, andto help you become a better runner without pounding away endless miles.

All we ask is that you can run a 4km distance (at whatever speed) continuosly to come to the sessions, we leave nobody behind and we all agree running as a group is so much easier!

If you are not yet at the 4km distance, please contact us, it may work for you to attend a session and do a little less than others, or we can advise you how locally you could build up to a 5km distance (coach to 5km, parkrun, great run local are great initiatives locally to help new runners).

WE ARE RUNNING AN 8 WEEK BEGINNERS PROGRAMME STARTING ON THE 11TH FEBRUARY, 6.15PM - 7.15PM, £25  and includes 4 sessions after the 8 weeks OR £15 for Village gym members. 


If you want to find out more about our group or want to engage in some 1-2-1 sessions with our coach, contact Sarah Gardiner.


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Sarah Gardiner - Group Leader


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Car Park - Rear of Portchester Precinct

INSIDE VILLAGE HOTEL, Lakeshore Drive, Portsmouth, Hants, PO6 3FR