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We run on a Thursday night, meeting at Farsley Celtic AFC car park next to entrance to the club house.

    6:15-6:25pm  Meet the leaders, get registered and pick your route.
    6:30-7:30pm   A structured warm up, followed by a 50 minute run session, and then a cool down.
    7:30pm+   Optional social drinks and chatting in the Farsley Celtic AFC club house.

We have mutiple groups (see below) to accomodate all standards of runners, and every week there is a different route to keep it interesting. It's perfectly acceptable to move up and down groups as you progress or to fit in with your training needs.

    Group 1 - Up to a 5km route that is a combination of walking and gentle jogging, and is tailored for beginners. Everyone is fully supported.
    Group 2 - Approx 6.5km route for those progressing up from Group 1, a slightly longer distance but at a steady pace.
    Group 3 - Approx 8.5km route for intermediates.
    Group 4 - Approx 10km route for those who can competently run 10k with a time allowance of approx 1hr 10mins
    Group 5 - Approx 10km route for those who can complete in sub 1hr

    Group 6 - 10k+ tailored for advanced runners - a challenging route and a faster pace with aim to complete in 50-55mins

Some weeks we will hold a 7th group aimed at a specirfic training element e.g. distance, pace, or terrain. We also hold technical groups such interval training or a hills session - but don't worry we keep it social and fun!

Each group is fully supported with Run Leaders and designated tail runners so we go out as a group and return as a group. 

Want to become a run leader?

Become a qualified run leader by taking the Leadership in Fitness and Running Course from England Athletics

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