Our group runs

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We run on a Thursday night at 6.30pm, meeting at Sunny Bank Mills (LS28 5UJ) on the grass area next to the central Weaver's Yard car park.

We offer mutiple groups to accomodate all abilities, feel free to move up and down the groups as you progress or to fit in with your training needs.

Walking Group - 90+mins session taking in the local area discovering new paths and trails, opportunity to take in the views whilst keeping fit and learning more about the area.

Group 1 - 5km route that is a combination of walking and gentle jogging, and is tailored for beginners. Everyone is fully supported.

Group 2 - Approx 6.5km route for those progressing up from Group 1, a slightly longer distance but at a steady pace.

Group 3 - Approx 8.5km route for intermediates.

Group 4 - Approx 10km route for those who can competently run 10k with a time allowance of approx 1hr 10mins

Group 5 - Approx 10km route for those who can complete in approx 1hr

Group 6 - 10k+ tailored for advanced runners - a challenging route and a faster pace with aim to complete in 50-55mins

Group 7 - Adhoc sessions and can be technical or a trail specific run

Each group is fully supported with Run Leaders and designated ambassadors so we go out as a group and return as a group. 

Want to become a run leader?

Become a qualified run leader by taking the Leadership in Fitness and Running Course from England Athletics

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