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Welcome to Morley Run Club, we are a free to join and run all-inclusive club. Minimum age is 16yrs. 

We meet at 7pm every Wednesday at Morley Cricket Club, for a 7.15pm start.

We currently have five groups starting from beginners in Group 1 to mixed abilities in Groups 2 to 5 - the higher the group number, the longer the run.

All our run leaders are England Athletics qualified. 

Our management committee, to which questions/concerns should be addressed are:

Chairman - Ewelina Amrouche
Treasurer - Gary Penfold
Club Secretary - Liz Ibbetson-Bristow
Membership Secretary – Jon Dexter
Welfare Officer - Mark Mccarthy

To register and book into runs with Morley Run Club please visit our Runtogether website by following this link: https://groups.runtogether.co.uk/MorleyRunningClub and click on register in the top right hand corner. 

Alternatively you can download the app:
Apple https://itunes.apple.com/…/app/runtogether-ru…/id1447488812… 
Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details

This also give us a platform to contact members via email that maybe don't use Facebook, Twitter etc.

Any problems please give us a shout!

T-shirts and hoodies can be ordered from https://www.pbteamwear.co.uk/athletics-clubs/morley-rc.html

Race Vests are special order, please ask for details.

Formed from the British Triathlon GoTri initiative teaching people to run in Summer 2017 we launched as a running club that winter.  We are a free to join club, to run with us you simply need to register on this site and then book on to one of our runs each week. Registering is a requirement of the club as it provides a secure environment to store your personal details (England Athletics) and provides the run leaders with your emergency contacts and any medical conditions that you have disclosed (these details are available to run leaders via an App on their phones, it's crucial they can access this information whilst out on a run with you).

Although we only meet as a group once a week there are numerous ‘unofficial’ runs that are ad hoc and organised between members. Please join the Facebook group for more information and to keep up to date with what’s going on.https://www.facebook.com/groups/MorleyRunningClub/

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Morley Leisure Centre

Dartmouth Park

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