Session Plan July - September 2019


This session plan takes us up to September 2019

4th July - Pyramid Session

11th July  - Kenyon Hill Reps ( Pomphrey Hill)

18th July - Summer Social  (game of rounders and more)

25th July - 12x1min on,  1min off

1st August - 20min time trial (Pomphrey Hill)

8th August - 2 & 4 min reps

15th August - Oregon Circuits

22nd August - Hill Reps

29th August - Relays

5th September - Meet & Retreat

These sessions will help members build speed endurance.  As always there will be alternative sessions for a beginners group as needed.

Each session starts off with a warm up and finishes with stretches.

To register for a session follow the link from the 'Our Runs' page through to 'View Run'.