Ever thought that you can’t run? Too old, too unfit, too slow, not a runner? Think again!

Next run: Saturday 02 June 2018

About our group

CanDo Running offers group and individual support programmes to help you get off the sofa and out running. It is aimed at those who wouldn’t traditionally join a running club whether through self esteem issues, those who haven’t run before, or those who were put off sports at school.

CanDo Running is a safe environment where running at any speed is OK – it’s not about winning races, but about challenging yourself. All you need is a CanDo attitude!

What are CanDo Running sessions?

Each session is different depending on the needs of the group attending, but generally we follow a progressive program based on a run/walk plan.

Contact details

Ave Turner - Group Leader


Meet our run leaders

Our locations


Aldershot Cricket Club

Wharf Road, Ash Vale

Fox Lines Car Park, Queens Avenue, Aldershot

Park in car park 6 - huge grass form carpark and we'll meet in the top corner

Our group numbers

  • 1 Groups runs per week
  • 95 Total KM this year
  • 5K Average run distance
  • 67 Active runners