Description of our running sessions

Chorley Runners offers several running sessions to runners who are looking to start running,  maintain or improve their running distances. 

The emphasis is on running distances and not on speed.

Our  group motto is #MyRunMyPace

Beginners #RunandTalk sessions

This beginners running course is based on the popular Couch to 5k method with some additional coaching elements. This course of sessions will be held on Thursday mornings, starting from the courtyard at Astley Park Hall. The aim is to get everyone running for 30 minutes over a period of 9 weeks in a supportive and friendly environment to help improve both physical and mental well-being. More information and updates are in the sessions own Facebook group - Chorley Runners Beginners Group.

Everyone is welcome and numbers are limited for safety reasons.  

Regular Running Sessions (Keep me Going/maintenance)

If you want to get back into running, looking for a friendly group to run with or have just completed a Couch to 5K program, then we will do everything we can to encourage you to continue running and keep you going or even stretch you to running further.

The group holds a variety of runs through the week, starting at 4-5k but also have some longer routes for those that want to run for further at an easy pace. The regular runs will help you continue to run for 30 minutes or more. 

The weekly schedule and any short notice updates to starting points etc. is published in the Chorley Runners Facebook page and also in the news section on this site. 

Different leaders run each session and the average pace can vary depending on the participants in any session.

5-10k course  / Long run sessions (Challenge me / progression)

If you want to progress to running beyond 5 km and up to 10 km, then we also run a 5-10km program that runs three times a year, usually starting just after the end of a local C25k program.

This session meets once a week on Saturday mornings and through a structured program over 7 weeks, we will help get you running up to 10Km regularly.   Once everyone is up to running 10 km we vary the distances run each week for variety and to ensure everyone stays fit and healthy.

We also run a 10-16 km course 2-or 3 times a year, depending on demand from group members.

Parkrun and other running sessions

The group will also make use of the local parkruns, trail run sessions and other running events and vary the running routes starting points although initially, they meet at Astley Park. Some members of this group have gone on to run distance events from 10Km up to a half marathon and even marathons.  

As an alternative,  the local affiliated running club, Lions Running Community, also offers free running sessions. We will encourage you to come along to the group, based in Wheelton at the Golden Lion, to run on a Wednesday to broaden your knowledge of running routes in the area and meet up with runners of similar abilities. Their Run Sessions complement the sessions offered by Chorley Runners.

#RunAndTalk running sessions

These sessions are led by Run England Mental Health Champions to introduce people to the benefits of exercise and running to their overall mental wellbeing.

These sessions will be held regularly during the year and in support of the UK Athletics #RunAndTalk weeks in Spring and Autumn. The sessions usually start at 6:30 pm, the location will vary depending on the time of year.  The walk/ jog/ run will be no longer than 5 km and will be a sociable, conversational paced session led and supported by the group's Mental health Champions, usually followed by a friendly chat over snacks and an optional drink.

Running Routes

Some of our running routes are now being posted up in the Our Routes section of the Chorley Runners Website - please check there for running routes. 

We will post up running routes that we have used previously that can be accessed online. Many of the routes have previously been mapped using Garmin Connect or Map-O-Meter

Safety Notice

The routes have all been checked and risk assessed by experienced runners, please be aware that when you run these routes, there may be trip hazards such as curbs and tree toots on some of the paths. Take great care if running alongside rivers and canals.

Also be very aware of traffic, especially when crossing side roads. At junctions and major road crossings, please use designated crossing points or Pelican light controlled crossings and cross as a group if possible.